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Animal Supply Company is the nation's leading wholesale distributor of pet food and supplies, dedicated to the growth and success of the pet specialty retailer. For over 26 years we have developed long-lasting relationships with retailers and vendors who share our commitment to offering quality products and services. With distribution centers in more areas and corners of the country than ever before, we're bringing better services and greater resources to our Retail Partners. Together with a broad and diverse inventory, we have united and streamlined our distribution capabilities from coast to coast. We are excited to share this new shopping website with you and we look forward to bringing you relevant content and new innovative products-check back often.
Shopping Login:
If you are an existing Retail Partner, you should have received a new username and password. Click on the “shop" button and start your new shopping experience!
If you are an existing Retail Partner, and did not receive a username and password, please call Customer Service at 800.323.2963 or email and we’ll set you up.
I’d like to be a Retail Partner:
Call Customer Service at 800.323.2963 ext. 1282 or email and we’ll send you an Account Application form.
Hours of Operation:
Monday — Friday 8:00am — 5:00pm CST
Contact Information:
Customer Service: 800.733.7115
Toll Free Phone Orders: 800.733.7115
Toll Free Fax Orders: 800.270.3176
Email Ordering:
Online Shopping FAQ:
What's my user name?
If you are an existing Retail Partner, and did not receive a username and password, please call Customer Service at 800.323.2963 or email and we'll set you up.
How do I reset my password?
On the "Sign In" page, click the link titled "Forgot your password?" and follow the prompts to reset your password.
How do I unlock my account?
If you have 9 failed login attempts within 10 minutes, your account will be locked. It will unlock automatically after 30 minutes.
Where can I see orders I've placed recently?
Go to the "Your Account" menu and then click "Review Orders". Regardless of how the order was placed it will appear on this screen as soon as it's entered. *Orders placed prior to 12/7/15 will not be visible until after 12/7/15.
I don't see transfer items on my "Order Confirmation" page but I know I ordered them. What happened?
While the "Order Confirmation" page does not contain transfer items, the items are on the order. We will add this feature as soon as it's available.
Will backorders be visible online?
Yes, all order types will be visible on the "Review Orders" page.
Can I place an order online for items on a promotion form?
If an order form is required (this will be noted at the bottom of the form), you will not receive the promotional price or deal if the order is placed online. Please complete the form and email it to the Customer Service Department at or fax it toll free at 800.270.3176.
Can I access the online store from my mobile device or Apple computers?
Yes, the online store can be viewed on all browsers although the display may differ slightly.
Can I search by partial UPC?
Yes. Simply place an asterisk before and after the numbers you've entered in the search box.
How do I navigate the shopping cart?
We know the shopping cart has a lot of different buttons which can be challenging. Here is a breakdown of each button and what it does:
  1. Update: This allows you to save any changes to quantities you may have made (Note: this will not remove items from your cart)
  2. Delete: Use this is you've selected an item (or items) for removal from your cart
  3. Clear: This will remove all of the contents from your cart
  4. Create a Shopping List: Use this feature to copy all of your shopping cart items into a custom list that you can save and reference at any time in the future. This is very helpful for recurring orders.
  5. Checkout: All done shopping? Just click checkout to finalize your order!
Is there a cap on the number of shopping lists that can be setup?
There is no limit to how many lists you can create.
How can I improve my search results? offers several ways to find the products that you need. One way is to search by category or brand. After you click on these options you'll be brought to a page listing your first set of options. Once you've made your first selection, let's pretend we chose "Apparel" from the "Category" option, you can then continue to further refine your results use the "Search within results" button found just below the search bar. Type in something like "backpack", for example, and that will show you only items matching that description. You can then continue to refine until you've found what you need!
Another option is to use the search bar to find items using a full or partial description, UPC or item number.
As you search you will also see options populate in the menu on the left side of your screen. You can choose from the options listed here to help refine your search as well.